Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dull Songs Everyone Hates

...And they never bought them either, but now, kids, they're only available for a limited time so pick up the phone! This great 6-CD set includes nobody's favorites, like:
-'The Day I Got a Checkup (And Nothing Was Wrong)'
-'Mosquito Bites'
-'Assembly Line'
-'My Life is Bad (Just Kidding)'
-'I'm Shy'
-'The Pink and Red and Grey Blues'
-'Fun With Trigonometry'
-'John Tesh Tribute'
And more! Dull Songs Everyone Hates even includes the duller:
-'Slotted Spoon'
-'Untitled 1'
-'Untitled 2'
-'Untitled 3: 1987'
-'Lint, Everywhere, Lint'
And the rare, never-before-remastered
'Composition for Four Sleeping People'!
This exciting TV offer won't last long--they can even be thrown in the trash as recycling exercises! The Best of the Boring from the '80's, '90's, and today! Call now!!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of writing a song called "Jailbait With a Death Wish." It doesn't fit on this list.

Cheryl said...

You might want to add my "ode to the testes," written for a Histology project in my high school Biology class...