Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Celebrity Portraiture

This collage is a good excuse to incorporate your favorite so-hot-right-now celebrities into a fabulous mosaic work with a fun color scheme. Here we have the lovelies Diana Krall and Christian Bale. They'd like you to believe that I just cut out the pictures from magazines and glued them down, but no, this is not the case! They were actually in my apartment the other day, playfully posing. And because I'm such a cool celebrity photographer (no Press allowed in the studio, gosh darn it! You know what happened to Kate Moss.) all the stars want to buy the works right out of my decoupaged hands. It's as if they just can't get enough of looking at attractive, artfully arranged people all day...wait, that's me. Well, if you want your face glued on a canvas with some bubble motifs you should just let me know.

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