Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Abstract Expressionism gone terribly awry

This is a personalized collage for a friend of mine (one could be done just for you, you know) which I did with the initial ideas of 1. primary colors, 2. bold graphic elements, and 3. political text. Little did I know that the elements of 1. fat man's trousers, 2. map of Communist bloc pre WWII, and 3. blob of squares glued together would also make an appearance. Suffice to say the piece was greeted with first: applause and second: thanks, and third: cue the questionable eyebrow-raise.
I must congratulate myself, though, as the eminent heir to the Kandinsky synesthete style, as I handled those abstract red curves with grace and flair. Look at the way they balance the yellow, rising out of the Wall Street Journal, blending seamlessly into the SUV! If anyone deserves a pin titled 'Best Contemporary Revival of Kandinsky' it is me. And if anyone happens to find that particular pin at a yard sale, I want my pin back.


Cheryl said...

Nathan -

I LOVE IT! and i love kandinsky. and you.

This blog rocks!

Anonymous said...

That's sitting on my mantlepiece. No, it really is.