Thursday, March 16, 2006

There are beautiful people everywhere.

As Lindsay Lohan and I were taking our yearly exotic vacation together, we spotted two very beautiful tribesmen and snapped their photos. Oddly enough we later saw the same boys in a Dolce and Gabbana is full of strange coincidences. Like the fact that I was in a rickety chicken cart in Africa sitting next to Ms. Lohan. For the second time! Thank goodness I remembered to bring extra camera batteries that day.
This collage brings together some mosaic motifs with some of Lindsay's and my favorite memories: spearhunting and drag-queen glam. I long for the days when I would walk out of my grassy hut not as mild-mannered Midnight Shoveler, but as fabulous Ms. Patty McZebrachaser. I'd grab a sharp stick, shout my ritualistic mealtime cries, and running towards me would be a whole team of paparazzi, just waiting to follow me into the hunt.

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