Saturday, May 22, 2010

Olde Timey collage

I put this in a shadowbox for added depth, even though all the layers are flat. I love the cutout shape of that pool combined with the orangey bit from an old map of Eastern Europe.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

North Side updates, Icelandic, estate sale

I finally got my park permit for Music of Northside Spaces–now I can perform music there without the cops busting up my classical-music nonprofit grant proposal. Though it would be quite the exciting event to have police sirens pull up to my brass quintet and haul everyone away! It would be as if I planned the whole thing. Except the event would have an abrupt premature ending.

Promo image for Music of North Side Spaces has arrived- designed by the fabulous Shannon Knepper at War Admiral Press.

I've been practicing my Icelandic and making a million errors, but I can now form basic sentences! I'm working on past tense verbs. This week I had a practice conversation with my teacher in past tense, and I attempted to tell my teacher about Betty White's recent performances on SNL. However, it came across sounding more like: "Yesterday, I saw a film about an actress. Her name was Betty White. She sang and played. She was very funny and good-looking. My friends laughed. I walked to my friend's house and watched the TV". I don't really know that that quite conveys the event, but it had sentences in it! It included the words í gær, sjónvarpinu, leikona, husið, myndaleg. Though probably some of those declensions were wrong at the time, too. Hey, I'm trying, Icelandic is HRAD (sic- that's just 'hard' misspelled).

I'm looking to sell some of my things before I move in August, and I think it's time that I get stuff on craigslist. Ugh. I've been very happy with loveseat that I got a few years ago, but who needs to worry about furniture when you may be moving across the country in two different directions, twice in the next 14 months? So that's the biggest item that should go. I'd rather become minimalist again. A minimalist who happens to have a big CD and art book collection. I'm also hoping to have a goodbye concert + Icelandic fundraiser that might resemble a silent auction or estate sale in my apartment. Good idea? It's slightly more interesting and cost-effective than a yard sale. Or will people try to buy the things that I need? Or, will people feel awkward about buying my possessions? I think I might tag everything I want to sell and then it can be taken with you at the end of the night. There will even be free stuff too! Plus, you get a cheap concert out of it, right in my living room.