Thursday, April 26, 2007


If I lived in Prehistoric Man Land, and a glacier invaded my town, I'd probably still blame global warming. Or Al Gore. Or both.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Test Strip Triptych

Being a collage artist (can one say that, or does that sound silly?) I'm often delighted when people give me their crap to work with. Sadly I'm not Chris Ofili, though, so working with actual crap has already been taken. Instead, the materials for this collage come from discarded photo test strips. I tried to take some element of the photo (architecture, color, shape, etc) and use it in a different way from what I normally do and try to create something multilayered and busy. 'Busy' I think I achieved. 'Cohesive' maybe not, but I do like that it's different from anything I've made before. And unless someone wants to trade me a new sexy leather jacket for it, I'll keep the work myself. (Seriously, I'm on the prowl for a streamlined leather jacket, aka 'man magnet'. Preferably inexplicably free and perfectly fitted. Or maybe I should just prowl for someone in a leather jacket.)
I also like the title of the work, as it does have a nice ring to it: Test Strip Triptych. I'd try to say it three times fast except that I had wine with my dinner tonight (who knew that three glasses of white wine goes perfectly with tuna noodle salad?!) and it's all I can do to concentrate on good spelling.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Art in ovoids

Easter-egg decorating turned out to be a rockin' artsy party, with loads of creativity bursting from the seams (or shells, perhaps). Since it's been a while that I've displayed some collages or artwork, I thought I might share with you some egg creations! These babies are only for sale for a limited time, so call now! Get your hardboiled beauties while they still smell fresh. (Thankfully some are blown out so they will last forever.) Here in the form of a fashion show are some treats:
This saucy little character from Scooby-Doo is poised and ready for her American debut! Doesn't she look lovely in her purple camisol, ready to jump out of that eggshell like Venus from the salty seas?
This darling of an egg takes inspiration from the japanese obi, or belt. A dazzling spring kimono for every fashionable chicken embryo. Note the use of dyed tissue paper wrapped around a dyed egg. So hot right now, don't you think?
Well, now, this is really haute couture if I ever saw one. This handblown egg is wrapped in cloth strips and covered in textured paper. This look is sure to be in all the stores next year. Magnifique!
I say, isn't this just pretty darn gay? Well, it is missing a little blue and purple, with which some more patience could have finished it up with a flamboyant bang!, but overall I think a smashingly good show. Teehee! Get it? Smashing? Be careful with those eggs, my dear.
See you all next Spring for the Paris Preview. Ta!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gentrified Oliver

I should watch 'Oliver' again. That was a great movie-musical in my childhood mind, and I remember the moral of the story being something like 'Sucks to be an orphan, but if you can sing, you'll save the day!' (Isn't that also the moral to 'Annie'?) The most memorable scene to me happens when Oliver asks for more porridge, and the Mess Hall server says in his Cockney accent, 'Moah?! Yew waont sum moah?!'
In contrast to all of Oliver's trials and tribulations, I'm excited about this Easter afternoon because, aside from Jesus being risen from the dead and all, I get to stuff my face! I'm thankful this holiday for my family sending me Peeps in the mail as an Easter basket, and some delicious chocolate eggs. I also have half a chocolate cake and some Chicken stuffed pastries to look forward to at dinnertime!
I wonder what Britney and Paris do for family fun, or if they even recognize that there are other holidays in the calendar year that don't involve nightclubs. They probably won't have nearly as much fun coloring eggs as I will. Then again, they could encrust their eggs with diamonds. And then unhinge their jaws like snakes, and swallow the jeweled eggs whole. I can't do that, which is why I'm not a celebrity.