Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gentrified Oliver

I should watch 'Oliver' again. That was a great movie-musical in my childhood mind, and I remember the moral of the story being something like 'Sucks to be an orphan, but if you can sing, you'll save the day!' (Isn't that also the moral to 'Annie'?) The most memorable scene to me happens when Oliver asks for more porridge, and the Mess Hall server says in his Cockney accent, 'Moah?! Yew waont sum moah?!'
In contrast to all of Oliver's trials and tribulations, I'm excited about this Easter afternoon because, aside from Jesus being risen from the dead and all, I get to stuff my face! I'm thankful this holiday for my family sending me Peeps in the mail as an Easter basket, and some delicious chocolate eggs. I also have half a chocolate cake and some Chicken stuffed pastries to look forward to at dinnertime!
I wonder what Britney and Paris do for family fun, or if they even recognize that there are other holidays in the calendar year that don't involve nightclubs. They probably won't have nearly as much fun coloring eggs as I will. Then again, they could encrust their eggs with diamonds. And then unhinge their jaws like snakes, and swallow the jeweled eggs whole. I can't do that, which is why I'm not a celebrity.

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kh said...

How very resurrectiony!