Saturday, March 31, 2007

Springtime Spirit

It's the time of the year where everyone is feeling the Spring. I cleaned my apartment the other day, and wondered why my place looked different than they did in the winter. And then I remembered that there wasn't any plastic on the windows anymore, and the sun is shining in from another angle, and there aren't small salt mines forming in my front doorway from winter boots. The daffodils have bloomed in what seems like two days since they popped their bulbular heads out of the ground, and the magnolia trees are flowering, ready to get it on with those other randy mag's. Springtime squirrels get chatty and try to remember where they hid their nuts. If I lived in Florida, I'm sure that even the alligators would feel the April urges- maybe they'd even want to bake a pie with me.
All this Springtime excitement makes me want to eat lots of chocolate. Perhaps slightly less chocolate than when I was 8, when I ate an entire foot-tall chocolate Easter Bunny and then threw it all up behind a sofa (cue embarrassed child), but a lot of chocolate nonetheless. I think I might go eat some chocolate right now. And you know what would go perfect with some bittersweet morsels? Some cashews. If only I could remember where I buried those nuts.


Mark said...

I can hook you up with some chocolate covered cashews ;o)

kh said...

Now *I* want some marzipan!