Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Test Strip Triptych

Being a collage artist (can one say that, or does that sound silly?) I'm often delighted when people give me their crap to work with. Sadly I'm not Chris Ofili, though, so working with actual crap has already been taken. Instead, the materials for this collage come from discarded photo test strips. I tried to take some element of the photo (architecture, color, shape, etc) and use it in a different way from what I normally do and try to create something multilayered and busy. 'Busy' I think I achieved. 'Cohesive' maybe not, but I do like that it's different from anything I've made before. And unless someone wants to trade me a new sexy leather jacket for it, I'll keep the work myself. (Seriously, I'm on the prowl for a streamlined leather jacket, aka 'man magnet'. Preferably inexplicably free and perfectly fitted. Or maybe I should just prowl for someone in a leather jacket.)
I also like the title of the work, as it does have a nice ring to it: Test Strip Triptych. I'd try to say it three times fast except that I had wine with my dinner tonight (who knew that three glasses of white wine goes perfectly with tuna noodle salad?!) and it's all I can do to concentrate on good spelling.

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Anonymous said...

fabulous!! if you were still in boston, i'd advise you to stalk the jacket rack at garment district, for your jacket OR man, or both. -kh