Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Comics that Impersonate Yourself

Here is a little collage to whet your little contemporary pallets. This one is titled 'Your Luck Ran Out'. I was trying to go for a 'casino' explosion of color, and thankfully ended up with something better, along the lines of 'garage mechanic'.
Someone is probably having a tough time playing Go Fish right now without that damn ten of spades. It's really unbelievable how many playing cards one can find in the street. What do people do, throw them out car windows like confetti?
My luck changed for the better, as this is the first piece I ever sold. That's three whole dollars I didn't have before. I can buy myself half a beer.
Keep your eyes peeled for comics on Midnight Shoveler, usually involve various alter egos (the muscled version of me, the boy version of me, the version of me wearing haute couture) which should prove to entertain and amuse. I'm thinking it's a once a week thing.

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