Thursday, March 09, 2006

This collage will make Paris Hilton proud.

Some of you folks might recognize these fonts in this collage entitled 'Boggle'. For all of you hip graphic designers, I'm sure you're just shouting, 'Hey! Isn't that Helvetica New 20-point?!' and 'Man, that Midnight sure knows how to incorporate French Script that's hella tight.' I say, this makes a lovely decoration to any fashionista's home (email me to buy the darn thing). And for Paris Hilton, you might even be able to spot the 'M' from the Marciano ad you were in, so you just give me a jingle and I'll send this baby your way.

Postscript: This collage also reminds me of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force line: "One man's waste is another man's...soap." Just putting that out there.

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