Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Pope's Lawn Sprinklers

This collage combines a lovely tapestry-like background with some metal religious staves apparently used in Christian ceremonies. Or so says the National Geographic, but really, isn't it obvious what they are?
I'm thinking that when they're not used for ceremony the Vatican drills holes in them for use as decorative lawn sprinklers. Wouldn't you like your very own holy lawn sprinklers? Get 'em while they're blessed.
Lately I've been curious as to which fashions the Catholic bishops are donning nowadays. Combed silk or damask? 'King of kings' or 'Eternal damnation'? Emerald-encrusted crosses or gilt? These should be the real questions plaguing organized religion today. (The answer is emeralds. They are so hot right now. I mean Holy.)

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