Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some More Random Observations about Iceland

Icelandic Lutheran Confirmations are huge events. Bigger than a sweet 16 party, the child might even get an iphone or something ridiculous as gifts. It is also an occasion for the teenage girls to wear the tallest high heel or wedge shoes they can find.

Easter is a much bigger holiday here than in the US. There are free gift-wrapping tables set up at the mall! And rows and rows of giant chocolate eggs at the grocery stores.

It is very difficult to find dried cranberries here. I thought black beans were tough, but now I've discovered two stores with them. But cranberries, not so much. Lots and lots of dried figs, raisins, and prunes, though.

Even by this time in April, I've noticed the ever-widening daylight. It's bright and sunny by 8am, and still quite light after 9pm. It's only getting more and more bright every day.

There was a parade of musicians the other day when the Symphony Orchestra moved into their new concert hall, Harpa. I'm sad to have missed it! But the new hall looks exquisite.

The Icelandic word for tuxedo is 'smoking'. But I don't know what the word for 'smoking jacket' is. Maybe 'tuxedó.' The Icelandic word for 'again' is 'aftur' but the word for 'after' is 'eftir', and I keep getting them confused. I see an 'a' and I think 'After', the spelling is much closer, but this is not right. It will have to be one of those devices like 'the correct answer is the opposite of what you think it is!' brain tricks that one tells oneself when learning language.

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