Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet Egg Cup and Timer

Two new friends! Thanks to MG and RB in Ireland, I am now acquainted with the world of soft-boiled eggs in egg cups. And thanks to LC, I now know about the English way of chopping up toast into strips and dipping into those the egg like a little sponge. So many ways to enjoy those chicken embryos.

I also found a beautifully-designed egg timer at Tiger, a store in Reykjavík which I believe is Norwegian, but is basically about the cheapest thing around for cool small items. The sand timer is exactly three minutes, just long enough for the soft-boiled egg. I love the lucite square that the hourglass is trapped inside of, it seems very modern and fancy but less than $3 USD. That is a nice little gift for myself.

I've admittedly had so many eggs at various times of the day that it's no longer a breakfast item...if soft-boiled eggs were less messy and easier to carry around, I might carry my egg cup with me on my travels! But alas, that would just make me look like a lunatic, eating a runny egg and toast outside in the middle of a park or something, so Egg Cup and Timer can patiently wait at home for my return.

Also, speaking of eggs, my mom sent me the most amazing Easter package in the mail- a giant 'egg' that she collaged herself (I think covering a balloon, and then letting it dry, before popping the balloon) and filled full of candy and healthy goodies. The top is even 'cracked' like an egg, and the 'shell' is made of maps of Iceland, cut into strips. Mamma Midnight is a genius! I put it on a candleholder here so it won't wobble around--you don't want this egg to crack open at the wrong time either.

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