Friday, April 08, 2011

Lopapeysa Couple

I was recently invited to a dinner party at an undisclosed suburban location, which looked pretty much like every Icelander's 'American Dream' house, fit with designer furniture, multiple bathrooms, and giant ceilings. The only thing missing was a three-car garage, and the Icelanders who actually inhabit the house. Unfortunately it was also situated in an area of Iceland that was hit by the financial collapse, with half- or quarter-built houses sprawling around it, piles of dirt and timber everywhere, and general folly of human greed. What a delightful start to dinner, right?
Well, the interior of the house wasn't that bad, and it was about being with friends and having fun anyway. The houses ended up having some totally hilarious delights that I just had to photograph. Like this!
Husband and wife painting with flying fish! Or maybe they're tossing fish for good luck. And this!

The most amazing embracing lopapeysa (traditional Icelandic sweater) couple you'd ever see. It's like the Icelandic version of those little Christmas statuettes- charming and sweet but strangely anonymous. I'll call them Siggi and Sigga. Siggi works on the farm, and Siggi takes the wool to be processed, and then they both spent a few warm winter nights knitting their sweaters by the fire. (Knitting used to be a man's job in Iceland, stemming from the sea man's skills at knots and nets, and needing to make and mend very durable clothes for themselves. Fun fact!)

The bathroom was trés fancy and had built-in starry lights above a jacuzzi! You could have a starry night whilst in your bath on a cloudy windy winter night, or pull the blackout blinds closed in the middle of the summer, and you have fake night to try and fool yourself into thinking there isn't 24-hour daylight.
Look, some of those stars are even blue-shifting. Maybe they are in the Andromeda galaxy. Just kidding. It's just LED's, silly.

The baby room left a little to be desired, at least in the way that I would pamper my child. Not through monochromatic color schemes. Someone is perpetuating gender stereotypes right here, I think. Or perhaps they won an inclusive baby package from a giveaway, and that's just what they ended up with. Unlikely.

Soon dinner was ready and I quickly forgot about the pink-radiating room; it was time to sit down to a delicious home-cooked lamb with new friends and great conversation. Then off to the city for evening drinks and dancing. What more could life have to offer? Only one thing. And if you said a gay version of lopapeysa couple, you'd be right.

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