Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm pleased to announce that David Bernabo and I may be releasing an album sometime soon! I say may be as we don't know the release date, and don't have the CD's in our hands. So it's kind of tentative but more definite than anything I've ever attempted releasing in the past, for certain. The material is recorded and edited, and ready for mastering. The CD which you can possibly own yourself will have six tracks, five of them being based on through-composed pieces that I wrote over the last few years, and the talented Mr. Bernabo improvised on guitar over top of them. And one bonus improv! (Fancy.) Dave and I also edit the tracks together, and added some extra instrumental parts as well. All together there are appearances by piano, interior piano strings, guitar, vibraphone, bass drum, suspended cymbal, wurlitzer keyboard, and a deconstructed zither (natch). What a nice little company! I'm working now on designing some interior notes for the album, and the cover may be based on a collage I did of squares of paper from a slide library. Dave is also working on an illustration for the liner notes, and will be designing the exterior typography. How about that for total collaboration?
When I graduated from CMU my graduating bio stated that I hope to stay in Pittsburgh and collaborate with local artists and musicians, rather than be holed away without creative options or move away someplace else. I think I've begun to accomplish my "mission" without even realizing it. And it's fun. We like fun.

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Amy B said...

i am really excited about this. make sure the cover and liner goes through me before it gets printed :)