Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Necklaces

I managed to acquire something magical: all the threads from an artist's work at Mattress Factory, which amounts to spools and spools of thin sewing thread. The installers were kind enough to try and bundle it up as best as they could when they took down the piece, rather than just wad everything up (which probably would be cool too, but this is more useful).
I'm looking to make a bunch of crazy nekkpieces with it, maybe keeping one really simple and just tying it off and the others can get really snarled and tangled. The first one I made is pink! I crocheted a wire background and stuffed a bunch of threads through, and then added a few crystal beads from a formerly tacky old-lady necklace. It's a little ticklish and not really meant for wearing to the grocery store, but I would be proud of whoever would wear it with their everyday clothes.
I also borrowed some Huge Ass Crochet Hooks from a friend (she says size Q, but I don't know what that means in crochet-world sizes), and made a much more normal necklace, which I might try to sell if I can make a couple of them. They also make good artsy eye-patches, for pirates who wish to see out of both eyes.


melissa said...

you can add beads to the plain wire one if you want to. you just string a bunch onto the wire before you start and then as you crochet you move a bead up onto the part of the wire that you are using. hmm...that's not very clear. well never mind because if you really wanted to know i could show you! i'll be in the burgh this weekend. are you going to be around? we should meet up.

Sally said...

Will you make me something with some of the threads?? I love them so! It would be so cool to have a piece of the installation I loved so much.

I also love all your wirey sculptures, as you know ;)

Ryan said...

Maybe you could give your eyepatch to the musician Momus, who lost his eye years ago from a parasitic infection.