Monday, January 28, 2008

Teeshirt Necklace

This necklace made its debut for the Wungsten concert performance, but in case you weren't there (heaven forbid) and seeing how it's about the only new piece of jewelry/sculptural design/tumor-like protrusion/recycled material homage to Louis Bourgeois that I've made in a while, I thought I might highlight it. It's made of one whole teeshirt! I cut it up and tied it, and wound with string and a few black glass beads. Here the strap is also doubled- it can hang low as well. Perfect for those star-studded red carpet events I know all my readers are attending this year. Nothing says 'Glamour, Now!' more than knobby black fingers poking out of your neck (+ Balenciaga gown, and you're good to go).


sylvain said...

i like it very much, though i could not wear it cause i'm too stocky in a way, my wearing would crush it (or me lol)
maybe i'm too scared and presomptuous too,

sylvain said...

hi there, thank you too for the "post back" ;-)
there is a "retro" of Louise Bourgeois work in Paris, i'll go with neckless idea in mind.