Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ways I Am Like My Father

I looked in the reflection of a car the other day and I realized that my face looks a lot more like my father than it used to. When I was younger, I looked more like my mom, and my sister looked like my father; now the tides have turned. It's a good thing my dad's a pretty good-lookin' guy.

Ways I am also like my father:
Constantly present forms of facial hair
Receding hairline
Enjoys fruit snacks
Even temperament
Likes making lists (see this list)
Discusses poop
Dislikes small children
Reads up on travel destinations

Ways I am not like my father:
Rent an apartment
I sleep with dudes
Quieter vocal formants (soft-spoken)
Career path
Enjoys lasagna and cheese pizza
Taut abdomen

Ways I am still like my mother:
Tears easily with reminiscence

1 comment:

Amy said...

great post :)

ways i am like my father:
same nose
same attached earlobes
both love to play our music really loudly