Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You Know You Work in a Music Office When...

You know you work in a music office're cleaning out the office supply closet and you pick up litter scattered about the floor, and the litter turns out to be clarinet ligatures. You also know you work in a music office when you're cleaning out that same closet and you find a disgarded set of bagpipes.
It sounds like a bad joke, but seriously, I think this could only happen at Carnegie-Mellon. It's the only school in America where you can major in bagpipes. (And there's only one student right now, but doesn't he feel special!)
I also found about a billion hanging file folders and two billion manilla envelopes, but that's pretty normal for an office supply closet, and not very interesting.

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Jess said...

How could someone throw bagpipes in a closet and forget about them? Bagpipes??