Sunday, May 27, 2007

Birthday Card

I made this cute little Birthday Card-type collage the other day with this letter "B" that I found on the ground back in Boston. Who could be so foolish as to throw out such a wonderful sparkly sticker like that? So I stuck it on a piece of painted paint-sample (how meta, painting on paint chips) and voila. But now, who to give it to? I was thinking my friend Bessica. Or maybe Batherine, her birthday's in the fall. Boseph might like it too. (My mind wanders off to Boseph and His Amazing Bechnicolor Breamcoat.) No matter what the recipient, it's clear that their name must begin with a certain sparkly letter.


Jess said...

sadly, Bobz doesn't have his birthday until march.

Heather Mattie said...

oh, oh, pick battie!

Anonymous said...