Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One Night Stand

A favorite topic of Midnight Shoveler...bedroom furniture. I thought, what would Ryan say to the children (and to Reese!) if I drew his naked torso curled up in my bed, a snapshot of Friday night? Probably something like 'I was auditioning'. Or 'I was a little late doing my taxes'. And somehow he could pull it off, and he'd go about his business as usual. For the record, Rayray's a great spooner. And a total gentleman when it comes to not hogging the blankets.
But I digress. I chose to draw my cartoon self in bed to make the humorous illusion to grammatical entendre. I also thought I could draw a 'heartbreaker' and then a doctor literally ripping someone's heart apart on the operating table, but that doesn't have anything to do with sexy furniture at all, now does it?


Anonymous said...

A similar joke is done as a cartoon in "Avenue Q" -
"10 Nightstands!" says the voice-over lady (VOL), and it shows 10 cartoon nightstands. They all disappear except for one, which is then put in the context of a room, next to a bed. The screen pans over and there's some cartoon humping going on. VOL: "One night stand!"
[ - Justin, who will write you soon]

kh said...

Oh silly you. Everyone knows you're just using this post to show off your fancy-pants new pillows!