Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jigga Who?

This is one of my favorite comics which obviously started out with good intentions and went off the deep end, so to speak. I thought, wouldn't it be funny to draw a mouse going swimming? And wouldn't it be funny if...oops, that mouse has a lion's tail. Why didn't I ever take life-drawing in college? Remind me never to go into portraiture unless my sitters have a good sense of humor. And while I'm at it, this little guy also needs a bumble-bee striped body, and a cat face. I'll name it a Libeemousecat.
We also read the amusing phrase, which my high school chorus teacher used to say when she was confused. (She'd also say the variant 'whatchajigger'. That one's questionable.)
The frog is obviously a diving instructor. All clear? Now let's get back to our rotary breathing.

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