Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Upcoming Performances

I have three different performances of my music happening in three very different places all within one week. This has certainly never happened before! Wed, Oct 2 is my extended music video premiere 'And Yet It Moves' in Boulder, CO, at at ATLAS multimedia building (7:30pm, room 100). I'm also having a repeat performance of my nykelharpa and guitar piece which just premiered, and Ben Teitlebaum and Patrick Sutton are totally going to rock it once again. 

Oct 6 is a Beatles arrangement for South Side Sharps trio in Pittsburgh, PA; I wrote a version of 'Blackbird' a number of years ago and have been dying to hear it again; Maria Mangano and her South Side Sharps trio of clarinet, euphonium and trombone are making it happen at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. 

And perhaps most globally, Oct 9th is a premiere of a harp and percussion piece by Duo Harpverk, in Reykjavík! The performance is in the KEX hostel performance space at 5pm. I am super pumped to hear a recording of this piece, as it features an electronic backing track made of manipulated harp sounds, and hopefully gives a glacial and lagoon-like atmosphere. I've been hoping that Harpverk would play a piece of mine for years and now is my chance! I wish I could be to all the performances to cheer everyone on, but I'll just have to wish everyone the best and hope to get recordings down the road. Or maybe an encore performance when I do visit these places again!

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