Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two Congrats: Choirs and Museum Shops

Two shouts-out for this post; one congratulations goes to my boyfriend for winning Denver's 'Best Museum Shop' award in Westword magazine. I'm so proud of A! He is the shop manager of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and does a heck of a job making it one of the most fun places to visit. The shop is full of creative books, jewelry, funky gifts, a CD for sale by yours truly, and a giant Tom of Finland XXL book (oh, and the museum itself is pretty cool too).

 (photo credit: site)

 Another congratulation to Sigurður Árni Jónsson (Siggi for short) for recording two of his choir pieces in Iceland recently. Siggi and I first met when he sang in a choir for one of my pieces ('Utan Hringsins') on my CD, and we've stayed in touch since I've left Iceland. Well, it's more like I'm unusually bad at keeping in touch, and he's unusually responsive for an Icelander, so we don't have the most frequent communications but they are wordy.

I looked over a couple of Siggi's works for choir and gave him a couple pointers from one composer to another. But all the toil is his own! I'm glad he's got video of them as well as audio. The choir singing looks very comfortable; I've never seen such a relaxed bunch sound so good! The song below, 'Tunglskin' means 'Moonshine'. I'm particularly fond of the secundal-heavy ending of this one.

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