Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Music projects, a list

Sometimes it seems like I don't do a lot of 'work'. I spend a lot of time here thinking, or reading, or chatting with people, or listening to concerts. But then I look back on the last 9 months and realize that I've done quite a lot of things! Here is a list of random projects I've been working on, because I love lists. And it doesn't even count the random sweater I'm trying to make, the collages I've cut and pasted together, and the fish-skin creations that I've constructed for sale at Mattress Factory. It really does help me put my Fulbright time into perspective; I don't know how much I'd be able to accomplish, or learn about, should I have had a full-time additional job.

11 potential songs/works for a new album
2 electronic landscape sound collages
3 choir works, 1 recorded already, 1 to be recorded and sung in Grindavík in June
1 piano solo
1 organ solo
performance of outdoor choral work with 6 singers, soundtracks, and performance artist collaboration
5 short concerts of my works
1 piece on music festival program
1 piece performed at an artist's salon evening
1 piano lounge gig
4 choir concerts at Neskirkja
singing at several masses and confirmations
3 performances of Beethoven 9 in choir for opening of Harpa
1 organ assistant gig

And still there are two months to go! I have some more recordings to finish, a CD to create (should all go well), and I'm always writing something, so I'm sure I'll be plenty busy for the summer as well, meeting random people and stockpiling fun experiences. But I'm also leaving some time in there to catch up on some sun-soaking. Gotta stock up before next winter!

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