Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Harpa Harp

I had the very lucky pleasure of playing a real orchestral harp again, it's probably been over two years since I've had the chance! Gosh you guys, I love the harp. Hearing the sound from your own person playing it totally makes your whole body vibrate. It's not just pretty, it can also be kind of badass. It takes super strong fingers to play well, and it's no joke that it's been called the most difficult instrument to play (Along with the french horn, I think they about tie).

The principal harpist let me play through a few ideas on her harp, as I'm working on sketches for a harp and percussion piece for her and her colleague to play. And I got to play the harp in the almost perfectly soundproof practice rooms in Harpa, no less! Harpa harp. Here's a little clip of me noodling, just for grins. I liked this pedal combination a lot.

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