Saturday, August 21, 2010

Modern Dance Wideos

I'm a sucker for dance, especially modern dance. I always wanted to do it properly, I pretend to know how to do it in the privacy of my living room, and I love watching it when it's perfectly integrated to music. Music videos (or 'wideos', as I say in my 'Cherman' accent) are a great way to get modern dance out to the amateur masses like myself!
On the eve of my sister's wedding, I'm sitting in a hotel room with some time to post a couple of my favorites from the YouTubes. My sister's fianceĆ© has dance in her blood; her grandmother started a dance company in Western New York and it's still run by the family. Thank goodness my sister is marrying into a family with dance parties coursing through their veins–maybe they can teach me some sweet moves.
Here's a small sample of my faves that have passed my way lately.

'Islands' by xx. Just f'ing brilliant! I was duped into thinking that the camera pan-out was just repeating; then I started noticing subtle differences on-screen. Then I watched it again and pondered how long it took for all of this work to be pieced together.

'Rosas', choreographed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. It's kind of like saying 'Mental Illness is fun, you guys, come on try it!' It also has really intricate internal rhythm to the dance patterns, if what I can interpret for myself is correct.

This is a fan tribute video to Wild Beasts's 'All the King's Men', by Little Stolen Moments Dance. I might like it even better than the original video!

'Amelia', by LaLaLa Dance Company, chor. Eduarde Lock; I love the cinematography in this. Amazing shadows!

Well, this one isn't really modern-dance related but it does involve an 80's aerobic dance workout-slash-battle between vampire babes and heavy metal/Kiss-type dudes. Always good for my own personal dance around the room, which I'm going to do right now.

(p.s. I had to change the screen size for the vids to get them to play without getting chopped off the side of the frame in various blogreaders- let me know if they look okay.)

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