Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Country Routine

I'm back at my parents house, unpacking boxes and trying to decide what to take to Iceland, and just how important to fitting in my suitcases is the 80's running jacket (very) versus the pillow (not as much), the digital recorder (essential) versus the box of wires and jewelry stuff (maybe I'll ship it so I don't look like a crafty terrorist?). In any case, the routine lately has been: wake up, eat cereal, sort things, break down a box, dance around, throw out crap, eat lunch, practice piano, swim, shower, think about editing music, eat dinner, parents go to sleep, reminisce about my childhood, sleep, repeat. Not a bad cycle thus far. I also survived my 10-year high school reunion.
Posts might be scant for the upcoming month or so, but fear not! My sister's getting married, and I'm sure I'll have something to say about that. Soon after, I'm scheduled to leave for my Fulbright. If all goes well with immigration paperwork, I should be there starting Aug 31st. You should be seeing this blog change a bit to be 'Midnight Shoveler in Iceland', but aside from more posts about glaciers and Reykjavík, not much should change. There are already posts about those things so maybe you won't even know the difference, right? Well, to fully prepare yourselves, let's say hello to the two Icelandic letters English doesn't have: ð and þ (you can all them 'eth' and 'thorn' as they sort of sound), and now you're good to go.

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