Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The Nathan Hall Collection of jewelry was mentioned in Pittsburgh's PopCity Media blog today! I say Nathan Hall Collection as if it were the Jacqueline Smith Collection at Wal-Mart or something. In actually it's called 'n by nathan hall' and in the few moments of spare time I have, I made sculptural jewelry things out of twisted wire, crocheted items, lots of earrings, and some nearly unwearable avant-garde-looking things. Either way, I think it's my first press that I haven't solicited myself! And I get called an artist, that's good, right? Maybe commissions for birds-nests creations will skyrocket.

"The number of names on my list dwindling as rapidly as my shopping stamina, I slipped into the Mattress Factory to check the status of two things on my own wish list: a belt buckle crafted by Ohio-based company Maxine, Dear, from the salvaged pages of old children's books, and a silver bird's-nest-like necklace created by local artist Nathan Hall."

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