Thursday, December 17, 2009

Piano Recital

Two posts in two days! A Neue Record.
As you may know, I teach piano lessons to one student at the moment, she's 8. Yesterday was our Holiday Recital. She played a couple songs, I played a Bach Prelude, she sang Jingle Bells and played Jolly Old St. Nicholas on guitar–she has many interests and I'm in full support of her pursuing them (though sometimes I wish she could focus on one thought for more than 5 seconds, but then again, she's 8). It was a lovely time for the audience of myself, her mother, and ten stuffed animals on the sofa who were lucky enough to get tickets to the show.

As we were having our "dress rehearsal", my student became distracted that the decorations on the piano were shaking when she was playing. I joked that maybe it was an earthquake. She said, "nuh uh!" and I said that she better play something quick before the piano falls into a crevasse or something equally dramatic. She responded with: "I don't care about playing! I care about LIVING!!"

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