Thursday, January 08, 2009


I was waiting for a bus at the IKEA the other day and wondered when the heck it would arrive. I noticed a new sign was bolted to the bus stop sign which had a number you could text, and then you'd text the particular code of the bus stop you were waiting at to get arrival times of the next buses. Much to my suprise it worked, and gave me several options of buses that would arrive. And sho' nuff, the 28x arrived exactly when it said it would, and I didn't have to wait in the snow for longer than I had to. And doubly lucky that I was right next to the land of Swedish happiness, so I had nothing to fear.
Now if Pittsburgh could get the other 99% of buses to run on time, and then put up TXT signage, I would never have to fear I would be stranded somewhere for 45 minutes in the cold. Hooray.

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jess said...

Oh yeah, I noticed one of those signs at Penn & Main a few weeks ago! Bus schedules of the future.