Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Copy Mayhem

Today was the day that I finally turned in all the instrument parts and the score for the reading of my orchestra piece! The Pittsburgh Symphony now owes me 1.5 hours for time spent in four different buildings, searching for a copy machine that functioned. That's right, not one, not two, but four copy machines I tried to use had some defect, including:
1. totally broken and parts were on order
2. weird red lines of waxy substance on glass made stray marks on every copy
3. toner lines across every page
4. paper jam, and yet no paper in the machine

In addition, there were other copy machines that worked, but I couldn't use cash. I could, however, put money on a card which I could swipe on the copier. The catch is that the cards can only be purchased with five dollar bills. And I only had ones. Curse you, George Washington!

In any case, an angel descended upon me in the form of Amy and her architecture office, who let me do all the copying, which went smoothly from there on! It's a huge relief for me to be done with the prep work, but now I'm just nervous that there are mistakes that went unnoticed. Such is life- I'm not overly anal about meticulous details, but I certainly don't want a page from the harp part in the saxophone folder. How does one play pres de la table on the sax?

Photo: not related, but putting papers together nonetheless. Photo credit: Sally Bozzuto.

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