Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh, the First Days are the Hardest Days...

...when You're the Music Bitch. I can hear the Grateful Dead now. For months, the pace at the music office usually compromises only a few tasks.
-sort the mail
-schedule a room
-eat lunch outside for an hour
-answer the phone a couple times
-play on the internet for several hours
But now that it's the second day of classes, and I should be only working 2 hours a day and going to my one class a day, the start of school has looked more like this:
-come fill in extra hours even though I'm not supposed to work and I should be going grocery shopping
-train the new assistants
-give directions to 10 lost foreign students
-sweat through two shirts lugging paper cases up from the basement
-rearrange chairs and tables in a concert hall three times in one day for events
-handle room requests which should have been handled over the summer, but professors insist on not turning in a piece of paper to me until four months after the due date, and then get huffy that they can't have the schedule that they want
-update 75 faculty addresses and phone numbers
-get new people copy codes
-eat a PB&J at the desk while on the phone
I miss the quiet of summer, but I'm excited to be writing my orchestra piece, and glad to have familiar faces back in town.
Current music: the Petroushka cornet theme, 1,000 times in succession from auditions across the hall.


Mark said...

Ooh, the parallel minor seconds cornet theme? What a treat. Pitt Orchestra is apparently making a recording of Petroushka this year, since at last year's performance left something to be desired (three outta four tableaus ain't bad!)

Heather Mattie said...

bum badadum badadum badadum badadum badadededdededededede dum badadum badadum etc.

Amy said...

your list sounds VERY familiar to the shit i've been doing this week! if you're the music bitch, then i'm most definitely the architecture bitch. we don't get paid enough!

Midnight said...

It's tough work being the paper-getter, for some reason. And my brain has totally been going bum badadum lately! Thank goodness for the long weekend!