Monday, June 11, 2007

Belt Buckle Collage for the Blind!

I was in a creative mood lately and I worked on some new small pieces which I think are pretty fun. This one in particular is neato because the sparkly part on the collage is an old belt buckle of mine which I inset into the cardboard backing of the collage. For all of you blind blog-readers* out there, this piece is for you: it's all about texture. I don't know what you could interpret from the texture other than 'wrinkles', 'belt buckle', and perhaps 'sea creatures', but it does have embossed paper and rhinestones, corrogated paper on the bottom (fun ways to reuse packing materials!) and then an image of feathers which I have abstracted on top. I think it could look nice in a black frame, too, should I ever want to frame it. And should I ever find myself with an emergency saggy-pants situation, I can always remove the belt buckle.

*I had no idea until this second that there is internet for the blind, either in speakable websites, or braille-downloaded text. I feel bad for the blind who would have to listen to the entire front page of only to find the article heading they want. On the plus side, perhaps someone blind is reading this website right now! That would be so amazing! If only the text came to you in the sound of my voice. Midnight Shoveler, now in audiovisual interactive! (Perhaps I should just start a podcast.)

I also did these super little collages, from two of Sally's test photos!

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