Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flipflops vs. Steel-Toed Wolverines

Welcome winter, Pittsburgh missed you. Today I was forced into wearing my winter boots outside, as it finally feels seasonally appropriate. Donning those big, heavy, brown, impenetrable Wolverines made me recall a lighter, more vulnerable time back in September. I took my trusty laptop to the computer Help Desk at my school, and was patiently waiting for my computer to be updated. I stood there, standing awkwardly but patiently for someone to tell me that I was virus-free (I get checked regularly, of course, for all malicious content...), and might I add that I was wearing a good outfit that day, too. A Harley Tee-Shirt, probably, and my gray 3/4-length pants (capris, of course, but I'm a man so the Gap called them '3/4-length'), and my flipflops. And wouldn't you know that as I stood there in my flipflops, a female computer science professor, working in her rolly-wheeled chair, decided to careen across the room while sitting in her chair and proceed to run completely over one of my bare flip-flopped feet.
How she managed to clear the bump of my tall arches and continue on her chair journey to the other side of the Help Center is beyond me. But what really blew my mind was that she didn't even realize that my foot was all red and scraped up because and mangled by the wheels of a chair, and that I had blatantly said 'OW..' in a loud enough voice that someone might hear me and pity me. The event didn't even register on her MS-DOS-sy face. Then it dawned on me that she wouldn't have realized she ran over my foot, because she's a computer science professor, and probably in her own little C++ world all the time. CS Lady, or should I say DOSsyface, I hope you know you ruined a perfectly good fashionable day by bloodying my toes, as Band-Aids do not a glamorous outfit make.
It's a good thing I've been virus-free ever since.


Amy said...

how traumatic! i hope you're all healed up. at least you gave it enough time so that people can get a laugh out of it :)

Sally said...


MS-DOS-sy face!

I can't believe I haven't looked at your blog in so long and almost missed this gem!!!