Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dumpster Butterfly Boy

There are a couple things that come to mind now that I'm posting this tiny collage that I made in August of 2004. First and foremost: why do I do this stuff that nobody finds particularly interesting but me (I know what would be so cool- let's glue this picture of a butterfly next to a paint chip and a magazine cutout! Rad. And simultaneously, this is not going to get me into MoMA, this I know.) but also 2. If Joseph Cornell could make his super awesome dioramas and assemblages full of wonderful dreamy nonsense, than so can I. And 3. I'm picturing myself as a hip fashion photographer for a hip menswear-streetwear-funky screenprint company. And I know, let's get this hot guy to pose outside. Now where should we go...I know! How about these old smelly dumpsters! Paarfect! But wait. Ok, now go straddle them, but don't fall in...but look all abdominal-y and casual, like you just landed there.
Shoot's over, let's get out of here so Nathan can glue this baby down to a map of the Nile.


keith said...

i have a copy of this, n'est-ce pas? me likey.

Nathan said...

Even better- you have the original! I'm glad I took a picture of it for internet longevity. ;) Glad to hear you're still enjoying it!