Sunday, July 09, 2006

Well, Then I Hate You

It's always an unfortunate day at work when you have to disappoint your customers. As hard as one tries, at my particular poster gallery we do not happen to have posters from Armenia. Nor do we have photos of Boston's skyline, in fact we don't have any photos at all. We don't have posters of Irish Terriers or Thomas Kinkade landscapes. Or scenes from Malaysia. Sorry, folks. Usually customers walk away with something else they like, or they shrug and say, 'No prob, I'll keep hunting around.'
But one particular day, as I explained to a label-clad girl that no, we don't have any Prada or Gucci posters, I was greeted with a serious and perpetually-smiling response of 'Well, then, I hate you.' And with that, she walked away.

As someone once said, 'Nothing says love like hate'.
I love my job.

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kurisu said...

the LV bag is the perfect touch. i guessed that was what it was, but had to look closer...and YES!