Sunday, July 30, 2006

Au Revoir, Boston, Bonjour Pittsburgh

For all those Bostonians who I won't get to see for a while, all the best! Boston has been great, and I will miss all of it. All of it except:
-Being called a terrorist by an Indian woman on the subway
-All those fun subway-to-shuttle-to-subway-to-work rides
-The Silver Line: It's a subway! No! It's a bus! No! It's fast!
-The completion of the Big Dig. I'm so glad it's watertight. And very safe. And the parks above ground, whoa, they blow my mind. Very industrial chic. Concrete blocks and piles of debris are so hot right now.
-The Orange Line's commuters, which include 'Violently Vomiting Milk Guy' and 'Orgasmically Dancing in the Aisles Woman', along with several sightings of cankles.
-And a personal highlight, conversations which fall flat due to the incredibly obscure area of knowledge I now posess on vintage advertising posters. How does one compete with "Can you believe it? The limestone blocks were hand!!"?

Positive thoughts on my time in Boston have included:
-Inventing dehydrated water (patent pending)
-Light being the new dark, and sitting being the new standing. And many others. Orange, however, is not the new black.
-Discovering the use of circumsized newborn's skin for grafting onto ailments
-Hipsters of every hipitude
-And who can forget a very small sampling of Midnight Shoveler performances, some of the best little art songs and recompositions of The Police that you'll ever hear. Ever. You'll be ninety years old and still nothing will quite compare.

I'm sure Pittsburgh will not hold quite the same fond memories, but I'll try my best to make it a good time.
Seriously, Midnight will continue to post whenever appropriate, and do keep checking in for updates from the land of Heinz ketchup and pierogies. There are plenty more comics up my sleeves.
(Pictured: One of my favorite buildings in Boston, seen from the Duck Tours: "Quack quack!" Shut the f'up, you ducks. Let me enjoy the gravel pits.)


Anonymous said...

I may be the only one who understands 90% of the things you say in this posting but yay for me I laughed outloud and tears rolled down my face, just a little. Whew- I think I need to get some dehydrated water now...

Cheryl said...

nathan - i wish you the best during this transition! i know you will be sorely missed in Boston but perhaps you can return after you make your mark on the musical world? please keep me posted on new hip developments - i had no idea that "sitting is the new standing," so you need to keep me in the loop!!!

Anonymous said...