Thursday, November 13, 2014

Limited Posts, Abundant Life

This blog has been under-updated for some time now but as technology changes, so does my work!

I've been writing more music articles and reviews for Iceland's English-language newspaper The Grapevine. There was recently a full feature article that I'm quite proud of published, on the Sonic Landscape of Iceland. My face is right there real' big, as I lean in on an iceberg.

You can see my other articles here should you like to read them; it's been wonderfully surprising to be able to use my musical skills for something I love doing- listening to music and talking about it, and listening to Icelandic music just takes the cake.

I'm keeping the blog live for now, and it has some great history in the backlog. But feel free to check out my main website and my Facebook if you'd like up to date projects. I've got some exciting ones in the pipeline, like a piece of Psalm 119 in the original Hebrew--a group composer collaboration. A set of 24 Preludes with the fabulous pianist Rose Lachman, debuting summer 2015; and my first art show, June 2015 in Denver, collaborating with local, national, and international artists.

And speaking of technology, I even have an Instagram account now as well. Life has been full of new things lately and I'm trying them all out. will get me, sure as the crow flies.

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