Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Limited Liability Me

I just made my jewelry business an LLC. I didn't name it anything fancy, just after my own name (perhaps my next LLC for music can be something snazzy). I can't imagine that anyone might try and sue me for faulty earwires or fish leather misconduct, but I thought I would try to go legit with my retail side of my work and see what it's like. There's a bit of a learning curve, though, as usual!

I started with a tax ID, and now I've filed for a state LLC. I have two more steps to go: state tax filing license, and city tax license, but I'm working on that this week. I'm hoping that the cost of the filing will offset new profits I might make with craft shows this year, potential wholesale buying, and being able to claim the expenses of my jewelry on a separate account. Fingers crossed. I'm also keeping a more exact spreadsheet of expenses and payments.

I've also been updating my Etsy site a bit more, and trying to be more regular about updates in general to a "professional" Facebook page, even Instagram (@thisisnathanhall), and my website. The website even as a new 'upcoming' pieces bit, and a page for events and performances.

I had a couple meetings with marketing-savvy friends, and we decided that if I were someone who didn't know me, I'd probably want to see what I was up to more regularly, rather than wondering to where I've disappeared! It would also be nice to see what I was working on--it's always so cool to see the process of making art along with the final product, even if it wasn't all shiny and wrapped in nice packaging. Making music is so aural that it can be hard to see visually what happens, it often seems like it's all brainy-conceptual, and then poof, it's an mp3! I'm trying to find connections between the visual process (looking at scores, working on software, rehearsing) and the final sonic realm, which I hope you'll continue to listen to and enjoy.

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