Thursday, November 14, 2013

Comprehensives Passed

I passed my written and oral comprehensive exams, and I am now officially a doctoral candidate, on track to graduate in May. I'm elated! This time it feels like a major relief. I waited outside the room my committee was debating in (after answering questions and talking for two hours) and they all came out and shook my hand and gave me hugs.
Now, on to THE FUTURE. Though it seems intimidating right now, I'm trying to make a plan that will break down THE FUTURE into tiny manageable chunks that turn it into THE PRESENT, which is much easier to conceptualize. I'm currently working on a couple small music projects, and looking for other work in various fields. I hope to do some commercial work at some point soon, and also up the ante on my jewelry line. Then I'll look for some teaching jobs of various sorts, and possibly some other cultural activities (residencies, perhaps?). We'll cross our fingers that it's a fun transition from the last days of my life as a student into other opportunities!

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