Saturday, June 01, 2013

Overheard on an Airplane

En route to a month in Dublin, Ireland! I received a travel fellowship to work on my music there for the month of June, and in particular I'll be focusing on a new piece for electronics. I hope to get some prep done for a large research paper as well, and study up for teaching next year (I'm assigned to teach the Intro to Music Tech course) and prepare for my doctoral comprehensive exams. So in other words, lots to do. This of course amidst also trying to have a bit of vacation, traveling around and seeing old friends.

I overheard two great things on a flight from Charlotte, NC to the Dublin Airport. One, a little girl, about three years old, singing to herself a familiar children's tune, which took an unexpected turn:

Girl: "Rockabye baby, on the treetop, where does this go, probably over to the tea party..."

And secondly, two flight attendants, talking to each other:
Flight attendant 1: "He had something bad written on his T-shirt. I think he had to turn it inside out."
Flight attendant 2: "I didn't catch what the shirt said."
Flight attendant 1, whispering: "I did, it said, stick it up the butt."

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