Saturday, June 09, 2012

Conceptually Punk'd

A new show just ripe for cable TV: Conceptually Punk'd. An artful spinoff of shows like Candid Camera and Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd, Conceptually Punk'd will feature frat boys merely telling others about the crazy antics that they would do to prank them. Artists, in return, get to 'Conceptually Punk' the frat boys by presenting them with a theoretical art dilemma. Celebrity cameos could be made by both Hollywood stars and stars of the contemporary art world. Featuring knee-slapping exchanges and retorts by Anderson Cooper, David Duchovny, Marina AbramoviƧ, Matthew Barney, and the late Sol Lewitt.
Here's a sample episode:

Frat Boy: 'HAHAHA! I just filled your van with shaving cream and then poured a bucket of water on your head!!'

Man Off the Street: 'Really?'

Frat Boy: 'No, not really.'

Okay, that was a short episode. Here's another one.

Sol Lewitt: 'I just drew an infinite number of lines to an infinite number of points in the room using this red pencil!'

Frat Boy:(silence)

Sol Lewitt: (silence)


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