Friday, January 21, 2011

Grey Hairs Cometh

It was inevitable. And the time is now. My first grey hair has multiplied.
The first one was/is in my beard. You can't even quite see it most of the time, it blends in with the other sort-of-blonde hairs I have.

But let's take a close-up.

Nope, definitely not blonde. It has a funny texture to it- it almost points directly out sometimes, pointing like a finger mocking me from the inside of my body.

There's another hair I spotted on my head, and this one has a little curl to it.

I even spotted one on my shorter-trimmed side-head hairs.

I know there are some on the back of my head, but those don't exist in my mind yet because I haven't seen them. Obviously if I can't see it, it doesn't exist! Just like the atom. Or possibly also evolution. Or anything that I can't Google.

Well, I joke as if it's a crisis but really I'm actually quite fine with the grey hairs. I am looking forward to a really sexy speckly beard full of them. And having grey hairs reminds me of two things. One, that I still have lots of hair left! And my default look of the future is sure to please: robust beard with crazy glasses. And Two, every hair I do lose on my scalp gets re-rooted onto my back and chest; I pretend that it's a system that my body is using to keep itself in stasis. My hairs formerly on my scalp are emigrating to a new country (apparently called 'Shoulderland') and they notice along the way that they have some new grey buddies who are along for the ride.

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Mark said...

I started getting them in my beard a few years ago, maybe when I was 26? They are so thick and bristly, they look like the plastic things that attach price tags to clothes! Since I always shave my head I don't know how many I have up there, but I'm now getting them in my chest hair. Who knew? They're pretty intense because my chest hair is the longest hair on my body. Crazy.