Saturday, September 04, 2010

Windy day, nice evening, Fulbright fellows

It was a windy and dark morning this morning, the first of many days I'm sure that I'll be using my hood of my new raincoat. But the view from the sea looks pretty cool with dark clouds making the water also very dark. I still took a walk through Gamli Vesurbænum, or the 'old' part of Reykjavík's downtown, which includes Fríkirkja and Landspítali, a big hospital. It also borders the area with the library and SÍM, the artist residence/workspace in Iceland. I saw the big boats docked there; I'm not sure if they're all used for whaling and fishing, though, as one seemed to look pretty touristy. This is also the area where whale and puffin-watching tours leave.

The evening was lovely, though, and after seeing some bad art I had a couple drinks with another Fulbright artist (Nicole) here in Iceland, and it warmed the evening very nicely with good company in a cozy bar. It wasn't exactly the craziness of the rúntur that happens here on weekends, but I'm sure I'll have my chances for all-night partying in the months to come. Besides, I'm more of a classy drink drinker, and it's hard for me to come to grips with paying a lot for really bad beers, when I could pay just a bit more for a better (though not awesome) couple glasses of wine and get a little tipsy, but then not also have to pee all night. But that might change, the Icelandic version of PBR could be my new best friend.

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