Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mp3 in a blog!

I know I'm totally behind the times, but I just figured out how to embed an mp3 of my own into my blog. So now if I have a piece premiered, y'all can be the first to hear it! Well, except those who came to the performance, of course. And if I have something random to talk about, I can include a clip of it. For example, here is a miniature I wrote for a tiny music box to play!

This music box may or may not feature in my summer performance of 'Music of North Side Spaces'- I'm still working out the different pieces for several sites. Also, here is a 'teaser' image of some artfully blurred falling papers, as I was testing out how to toss them in various ways for a piece being performed at the New Hazlett Theatre. How mysterious.

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