Saturday, June 27, 2009


I miss the days of making mobiles. I used to find soldering wire and make it into forms, like this picture of a mobile in my parents' house (can you spot abstractions of person sitting, and an eyeball with eyelashes?). Then when I discovered that a lot of soldering wire has lead in it, I made sure to create mobiles with lead-free wire. I made a delightful mobile for E. which looks like giant tree branches, as E. is a botany lover and knows all the Latin names for trees. I made another mobile for A. and B. which had little gossamer silver foil leaves inside heart-shaped dangling pieces, because they are in love, I guess. That one really didn't have a purpose other than looking nice and dangling from a high ceiling.
I don't even really have pictures of those pieces, but one never knows when I might try and rig one up again. In other wire-related news, I'm currently, slowly, working on a very tall crocheted wire sculpture/sound installation for SPACE gallery in Pittsburgh in winter, and all I can hope for at this moment is that 1800 yards of wire later, I will have a giant dangling stalactite hanging from the ceiling. Here's a toast to hanging dangling wires: you've been near and dear to me for ten years now. Keep up the good work. And don't give me lead poisoning.

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