Wednesday, December 12, 2007

46 Menorahmobiles Led the Big Parade

Last Sunday I witnessed a parade down a busy shopping street of 46 vehicles with PVC-pipe Menorahs strapped to the roofs. 46. Some were gold, some silver, but almost all had working lights which I assume are powered by God. Or cigarette lighters. The parade was accompanied by police cars, who kept other traffic from getting in the way of Hanukkah. The picture to the right is copyright URBANPHOTO and shows a nice wooden menorah, which has not yet migrated to Pittsburgh. Being behind the times in fashion, we still have plastic and metal rooftop accoutrements.
Those light-up menorahs, by the way, are on full candlepower today Hanukkah ends tonight at sundown.

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jess said...

I just got into a conversation with someone about those menorahs yesterday! The person I was talking to asked a Jewish staff member in the department, "What's the deal with them? Are they just for fun?" The staff member thought she was talking about actual menorahs, not the light-up ones on cars. Whoops.