Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Girl Hit By Bicycle Hit By Bus

I was witness to a traffic accident the other day which surprised me that no one else seemed shocked (or even amused) at the situation. The bus I was riding on clipped the mirror of a bicyclist, who was attempting to swerve around a pedestrian on the sidewalk. The bicyclist then crashed into the girl, who was sent, arms flying (you know those sitcom choreographed motions of people who trip over things? That kind of arm-flailing), onto the grass of someone's lawn. Thankfully no one looked too hurt, and I lost my view as the bus sped away from the scene. I drew this Richard Scarry-esque cartoon to help illustrate.


Amy said...

I haven't thought about Richard Scarry in a million years! I loved those books!!! And he had a show, too, but I was a little bit old for it by the time it came around.

Sally said...

You should have Mark tell you the story about the time when he was hit by the mirror of a bus. It was actually pretty awful and not very funny even though he wasn't really hurt. Freakin buses! And they don't even stop!!! It's out of control.

Mark said...

Yeah, I was hit by a school bus following Dave Atell's comedy act at CMU Carnival 2003. I was on the sidewalk on Forbes heading towards the bridge over to Craig, and the mirror hit me in the back and fell to the ground dumbfounded. My back was a bit numb, but I wasn't hurt, and I went to the hospital the next day and everything was fine. I don't think the bus driver even knew he hit me.